10 May - 28 June 2019

"Dance of the Culture Warriors" is a colorful, complex, and fervent curation of subjects deemed by
Scott as most essential to sustaining and preserving the cultural heritage, notably the bread and butter
of what is, New Orleans. His signature portrait style, visual blending through use of transparent colors,
gorgeously encapsulates icons such as Leah Chase, Irma Thomas and the historic ceremonial customs
of Mardi Gras Indians. "With the effects of gentrification currently plaguing New Orleans, my greatest
fear is that things won't always taste the same, sway the same, love the same- without the presence of
the culture warrior" Ayo goes on to say "Some people think of the creative, some people think of the
culture workers." Scott aspires to speak for the cross section of New Orleans, from the nameless
flambeau carriers of the Mardi Gras parades to the poets and musicians who make their names as New
Orleans griots. This Afro-futuristic series takes on a sort of folklore magnetism as each subject speaks
ideologically to the messages they bear, the work they provide, and the spirit they embody within their
contribution to New Orleans.


"I hope that I can take what they've represented for us and expand that work and itslegacy even further."

                                                                                                                                                                     -Ayo Scott