Lionel Gasperini

Gasperini is a native of Corsica and currently is based in Paris. During his childhood he developed a passion for surfing, cinematography and photography. These three loves have found their expression in his photographic work. 


After assisting mentors Annie Leibovitz, Ellen Von Unworthy, Richard Avedon and Greg Kadel, Gasperini was able to travel the world, developing his own vision and 



Gasperini has contributed to international publications such as L'official Paris, L'Official Singapore, L'official China and French Playboy. Commercial photo campaigns have included L'Oreal, Chloe, Greg Pier and Beyonce Knowles Pulse fragrance line. 


With his cinematic style, Gasperini is always on the search for truth and emotion in his subjects, capturing them with spontaneity and elegance. His landscapes reflect an appreciation for the beauty and mystical draw of the ocean.