S.G. Starr

S.G.Starr focuses on painting in the moment, based on a lived collective culture and communal memories. To create his work Starr gathers visual items, trinkets and paraphernalia, from old books to parking valet stubs. 


Often referencing modern culture and abstract pop environments, He utilizes text, corporate advertising and imagery, song lyrics, literary quotes, history and cultural icons. At the core of his work is the belief that everything has the capacity to stand for something other than what is apparent. 


Starr focuses on the process of creation and the relationships developed between the elements in a painting. He creates by intuition, a trust that evokes a thought provoking visual and emotional environment. 


Starr's work is an accumulated process of his own knowledge, memories, and perceived experiences, creating window into the life of the artists and reflection of a viewer themselves.